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The scale model looked even better when we dim the environment lights and increase the building lighting.

Click on the following link and see how we played with the lighting for this scale model

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One Park(Richmond) Overview. 3D visualization by Pure Design


Pure Design offers a total solution from a digital 3D model to a physical scale model.

We are a Vancouver based studio specialize in 3D visualization, architectural scale models and marketing solutions for development projects.

Let’s talk about what we can do to enhance visual

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We have managed to finish the multifamily scale model project in time.

With a bit of touch up and it’s good to go. This time we tried something interesting on the lighting.

Now we can control the lights by our smartphones https://www.instagram.com/p/B3aRJ1wBcjt/?hl=en

Can’t wait to see the model displayed in the presentation centre


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3D Visual by Pure Design

In order to speed up the designing phase of a project. Pure Designs offers an immersive 3D visualization service for interior designers, helping the clients to know better about the design and finishing materials.

Contact us for more information, we provide photorealistic renderings and architectural scale models for Vancouver

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Project: ERA

Developer: SwissReal

Scale: 1/8″

After the long wait, we finally got the ERA scale model delivered to the presentation centre at Maple Ridge safe and sound.

We have tried some of new model making methods on this scale model including 3D printing, mixed material and leverage them with our 3D modelling skill.

Call us about

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Davie & Nicola Context Model by Pure Design

We have successfully delivered a Vancouver Downtown (Westend) Scale Model to our client.

This time we ried a few new methods for making a context model. It might be helpful for our future scale model projects.

Stay tuned for more model making works.

Pure Design, your one-stop marketing solution for

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3D Visualization by Pure Design

Pure Design is a Vancouver based company that offers one-stop marketing service from 3D Renderings to Scale models.

Contact us today for more information:



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All the drawings are done. Let’s have some fun putting the parts together!!

Like what you see? Contact us for more information about our scale model and rendering services.

From digital to a physical model. Your best one-stop marketing solution in Vancouver.



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Model makers’ daily: Base work is done, Roofs printing on schedule, laser cut in progress, getting ready for test assembly.

Pure Design offers integrated modelling services including 3D renderings to a physical scale model.

Contact us for more information @ 604-723-1828 or ay@puredesigns.ca

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3D Visualization by Pure Design

Looking for scale model or 3D visualization for your development projects?

Contact Pure Design today for your one-stop marketing solution.

TEL: 778-838-2785

Email: ay@puredesigns.ca

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