Alen Yang

Account Director

Alen is one of the co-founders of Pure Design Taiwan and has been working in the design industry for over 15 years. He had conducted several design projects in Taipei, Shanghai, Beijing, Osaka and other cities in Asia for well-known corporations such as Google, Samsung, Nokia, etc. Alen specializes in project management and client servicing. Also, he utilizes conceptual design elements to production materials for interior design, event decoration, 3D rendering projects, or any production projects.

Alen works with designers collaboratively to generate inspiring design ideas and runs thorough budget control to create solid profit for client’s satisfaction. He had developed a detailed-oriented mind with dependable execution skills from the past experiences over the years.

Now he starts a new journey in Pure Design 3D, a 3D printing and design company in Vancouver. Bringing a one-stop shopping experience local business with innovated 3D printing and rendering service. What Pure Design can do is not limited, there’re limitless possibilities to achieve success with what Pure Design can offer.


Kevin Chang

Sales Manager

Alen Yang

Account Director


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