Car Assembly Line Demonstration Model for SAP

Simulating assembly line by creating 3D models. Allocating different functions to the area given by the client. Calculating total printing hours and necessary items.

After design confirmation. We started making a mock up in our office for real time simulation and tracking our production schedule.

We total assembled 8 of the BMW i8 plastic models. Breaking it down by different steps and paint it from metal silver, silver with blue and blue to simulate the actual paint jobs from car asselbly line.

Totally printed over 250 hours with all of our 3D printers none stop 24/7. We send it straight to post production. Sanding, polishing and paint it to the colors as our designed image.

Right before the on-site installation date. We scheduled a 3-way conference call with the marketing agency and SAP, thoroughly went through every details area by area. To make sure Pure Design offers the best quality of model making and carefully packing it boxes getting ready for the on site installation.

Now let’s take a look at all the details from different areas.

Total Working Hours:

A. Design and 3D modeling: 60 hours

B. 3D printing: 280 hours

C. Production: 60 hours

D. Assembly: 36 hours

E. On site installation: 4 hours

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